Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Music Affects Us In My Opinion

Don't Fall into the Trap that 'Music is Life' because its not
Let’s hollow out further what music does to the Mankind as a ‘whole’? It distracts you deprives you , diverts your attention from the right path keeps you away from remembrance of Allah (S.w.t) and you delay your prayer because of music and we say (let us listen to some songs or complete the one we are listening to right now then we will pray afterwards which is what? *Shirk* so when we do this *shirk* then music becomes haram (prohibited) for us. (this is the whole big story why mostly Islamic Scholars keep on emphasizing that one should avoid music as its haram (prohibited).

Today music and songs are completely different, we can witness many Muslims listening to music and songs that involve shirk in them, we listen to such Haram Music and then we go to pray afterwards. Is this how we should be setting an example of a Muslim in our society? How can we stop our children from evil acts when we are a part of it as well?

Everywhere we go we feel the need to listen to music, if we are going on a trip our cars are blaring with music just think for a second God Forbid what if you get into an accident and you die? The last thing you did while you were alive was not a good deed instead you were listening to a ‘Satanic Song’ and we should always remember that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Peace & Blessings be upon Him) said: ‘You will die the way you lived & you will be resurrected the way you died ’.

Though We Muslims know one thing that If we are not certain about something then instead of continuing to do the same thing we should stop doing that until and unless we are certain that our religion allows us to do it however we do the opposite keep on doing it until someone proves us that its wrong and still many argue and continue to do it. In a way we argue over Qur'an and Hadith. We should fear Allah (s.w.t) and sacrifice our worldly desires for Him and only then we will be rewarded for this good deed not only in this world but hereafter as well Insha'Allah. May Allah (s.w.t) give us the strength to follow the right path (Sirat-al-mustaqeem) and enable us to follow the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessing be upon him).

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