Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The '3' type of Nafs mentioned in Qur'an:

1.) Nafs-e-Ammara: 'The one who sins without any remorse, without any guilt, without feeling regret, without feeling bad, they feel no shame after sinning etc. another example is when someone goes to sleep at night without even intending to wake up for fajr'
Treatment of Nafs-e-Ammara:
When you are firm onto your Fard & Wajibat.

2.) Nafs-e-Lowamah: 'The one who becomes half a Muslim, The one who sins at times but at times they don't sin. They feel bad after sinning, they have some remorse, some guilt, they feel the sting of the sin, they feel sad after sinning, etc.

3.) Nafs-e-Mutami'yeena:'The one's who don't even feel like sinning, they are so much into the remembrance of Allah (swt) that Allah (swt) is pleased with them as they are pleased with Allah (swt). Such people are 'Maqbool' (beloved) & 'Qabool' (accepted) in the sight of Allah (swt). Those people who attain this Nafs, Allah (swt) bless their heart with contentment because they are people of 'Takwa' (and Allah (swt) has mentioned this in Qur'an Himself)

How to reach Nafs-e-Mutami'yeena from Nafs-e-Lowamah:
When you are not only firm onto your Fard & Wajibat but you are also firm on 'Dhikr' of Allah (swt) and the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw), This is the ONLY way one can travel from Nafs-e-Lowamah to Nafs-e-Mutami'yeena. Allah (swt) brings such people close to Him, and those whom Allah (swt) guide and want close to Him not even their Nafs can ever put them into sin.

- Shaykh Mufti Kamaluddin Ahmed (db)


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