Sunday, April 6, 2014

'The issue of our Heart'

The issue of people’s hearts is an important and sensitive issue. The heart is called al-qalb in Arabic because it changes so quickly and frequently(taqallub – alteration, variation, ups and downs).

The Prophet (peace beupon him) said:
"The heart (qalb) takes its name from its constant changes (taqallub). The likeness of the heart is that of a feather at the root of a tree, being turned over and over by the wind." [Reported by Ahmad 4/408].

Man’s heart changes constantly, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) described: “The heart of the son of Adam changes more quickly than a pan of rapidly boiling water.” [Kitab al-Sunnah, no. 226]. 
Allah is the One Who turns hearts around and controls them.
Abd-Allah ibn Amr ibn al-As reported that he heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) say: “The hearts of the children of Adam are as one between the fingers of the Most Merciful, and He turns them in whatever way He wills.” Then he said: “O Allah, Controller of the hearts, direct our hearts to obey You.” [Reported by Muslim, no. 2654].

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