Thursday, July 26, 2012

Don’t Run After The Sweets of This World, Live the Life of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

How Many People, Strive Extremely To Earn This World, To Gather, To Pile Up This World? Day After Day, Night After Night, Week After Week, Year After Year, Their Whole Life Is To Pile and Gather and Then, After They've Gathered What They Want to Gather, DEATH Takes Them and They Enjoy Nothing.

Many Of Those Who Saw The Beginning Of Day Yet, Did Not See The End Of It Many Are Those, Who Expected Morning but Did Not Live To See It, If Only You Had Known Your Appointed Time, You Would Had Detested For Worldly Materials. Brothers and Sisters, What Are We? Who Are We? We Are Nothing but Flesh and Bones, We Are Nothing but Servants, Slaves of the Al-Mighty Lord, Of Allah (swt) The One Who gave Us this Life In Order To Utilize This Life, Not The Way Me or You Want, No!!! We Are Slaves of The One That Gave us This Ability, Who Lent Us This Body That We Are Carrying, In Order To Utilize It, In The Way and Only Way He Is Pleased With.

 The Day Will Come When Your Bones Will Be bared Of Its Flesh, There Will Be No More Flesh On It and Your Living Bodies That You Are Carrying Today Will Become A Hand Full Of Bones, Underneath A Pile Of Dirt. This Is Your Reality, The Intelligent Man For This Reflects, Contemplates, Ponders Of His Reality He Knows That His Time Is Passing Away, Every Second That Goes, Is Gone but It Will Be Registered In Your Record, Either For or Against You. Our Time Is Melting Away, Just Like A Block Or Cube Of Ice but The Intelligent Man Knows, And Believes, that His Real Success, His Only Salvation Is To Do All The Acts That Will Remove Him, From The Severe Punishment Of Hellfire and Thus Admit Him Into Eternal Bliss Of Paradise, Isn’t This What We Want? Isn’t This What We Are Striving For? Only Allah (swt) Knows Our Time Dear Brothers and Sisters, Only the Al-Mighty Lord Knows When The Hour Will Come"

Open your Eyes and Plan Your Future According to Qur’an & Sunnah of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) before it’s too late. Follow the Footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (saw) who was Rehmatul-il-alameen For All the Creation of Allah (swt). He Is the Most Blessed Personality And He Is Our Leader, He Is Our Role Model. A Leader Lives His Life In Comfort And Makes Others Work But My Brothers And Sisters Our Leader, The Leader of All Mankind, The Leader of All Creation of Allah (swt) Faced The Most Hardships In His Life, He Was Tortured By Non-Believers The Most, Yet He prayed For Their Forgiveness, Yet He Asked Allah (swt) to Forgive them, Have You Forgotten The People of Taif???, Oh My Allah (swt) Bless Our Nabi (saw), Where Would We Ever Find A Man Like Him? A Personality Like That? Nowhere, Never Ever, He Sacrificed Everything All luxuries For Us, For His Ummat And We Are Answerable for That. We Have to Repay Him And In order to Do So We Need to Follow His Footsteps, Live The Life of Our Prophet Muhammad (saw), to Bring Coolness To His Eyes When We Meet Him in Jannah Insha’Allah ul Aziz. May Allah (swt) Bless Us All And Lead Us To The Straight Path By His Grace And Enable Us to Follow Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw)’s Mubarik Footsteps. Ameen

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